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The world’s scarce natural resources are being further depleted by fossil fuels in the present day. The release of dangerous chemicals and greenhouse gases into the environment has caused the effects of these fossil fuels to reach irreversible levels. There has never been a greater pressing demand for alternative energy sources. Our mission is, “power the limitless,” inspires us to go outside the box and develop long-term, environmentally friendly solutions. We made our name in the solar energy generation industry with our unwavering commitment and clear vision.

Solar Modules

  • High power module using Polycrystalline, Mono Perc Solar Cells with High Conversion Efficiency

  • Robust, Anodized Aluminum Frame for extended outdoor use

  • 100% Pre & Post lamination Electroluminescence inspection

  • Positive Tolerance

  • High-Transmissivity, Tempered glass for enhanced stiffness and Impact resistance

  • 10 years 90% Power output warranty; 15 years 80% Power output warranty

  • IP 67/IP68 Rated junction Boxes

  • PID and saltmist corrosion resistance

Solar energy harnessed to power an endless future

We have an extensive portfolio of customers in all segments like Residential, Commercial, Industries, SMEs across sectors like Healthcare, Hospitality, Automotive, Commercial, Education, Agriculture, and Manufacturing. 

We provide sustainable energy efficient solutions to serve the entire spectrum of electricity consumers from those who have zero power cuts to those who have frequent power cuts.

Solar Power Plant

Solar Modules

Designed for Optimal Use in Residential, Commercial & Utility Scale Installations

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